Candid Photography in Indian Weddings

If you look at most wedding albums, you will notice that some of the pictures are of the bride and groom posing in the utmost ridiculous fashion. Sometimes the photographer asks the bride to pretend to look out of the window while she is waiting for her groom’s party to arrive. After the ceremony, the photographer may ask the bridesmaids to surround the bride and pretend to kiss her. Perhaps he may tell the bride to try to pick up her groom to make for a funny picture.

These poses do seem a bit zany and sometimes the people in the bridal party feel uncomfortable being told to pose in such ways. Don’t get me wrong. I personally love a little posing for pictures. However, I know of one too many brides who don’t and would rather not waste time on gimmicks on their big day. Luckily, candid photography saves the day for these brides and grooms. Hiring a candid wedding photographer is ideal for the couples who only want to capture the true essence of the day. Wedding photographer Flgroe Studios from Mumbai share their philosophy of this style.

This Indian bride can’t hold back her laughter while saying her vows!

The philosophy is that they only want to be a ‘fly on the wall’ during the bride and groom’s special day. This means that although they are there at the wedding, the photographers try their very best to be unnoticed and to capture the natural images as they are taking place. For example, once the photographers at Flgroe Studios enter the house to begin taking pictures of the bride getting ready, he or she will not ask the bride to do anything. In fact, the photographer will just blend in with the setting and take pictures of whatever may be happening. If the bride is in the bathroom putting on her make-up and accidentally gets her mascara all over her eyelid, the click of the shutter would make a great shot.

It was not planned. It was not a moment that was forced to happen. Imagine yourself as this bride browsing through your album years later, you would laugh, cry and feel reminiscent at the same time. What a dear, memory-refreshing reminder it will be!

This day will go by much too quickly to take unwanted posed pictures. I would say this is a real evolution in the field of photography. I mean, who doesn’t love a picture like the one below, where the bride is being hugged by her dad. It would be completely out of place to ask them to pause and then pose for the shutterbugs. Not to mention it would rudely cut short the emotional moment. Beautiful picture by Flgroe Studios.

The same bride and her father caught in a candid moment.

When looking back on this type of wedding album you will be able to reminisce about the day as it truly happened. You will not have to dread looking at the posed pictures that you never wanted. When hiring a candid wedding photographer, you are hiring someone that will capture true moments that you may not even know are taking place during the hectic day. While browsing through the album you may see a picture of your aunt laughing about her broken heel that popped off during her famous dance number. You could even see a photograph of your dad’s emotion as he watched you dance with your husband or wife for the very first time as a married couple. You will not be disappointed with the work of Flgroe Studios and even better, you will enjoy the cherished photographs as they tell the true story of how your wedding day unfolded.

PS: Brides, if you life features like these, do let me know in the comments. I want to highlight the work of more artists around the world in a move to foster more friendships in the ever-growing community. If you are a vendor, do reach out to me too!

Cupcake Liner DIY Wedding Pomander

Have you ever seen a pomander? Not an orange with cloves arranged in decorative patterns on it but a flower pomander? It’s a ball of flowers used as a centerpiece, table decoration – and sometimes, even as the bridal bouquet. It’s not hard to make a pomander, and it sure is a beautiful arrangement, so think about it for your own wedding. If you’re on a limited budget, and can’t afford all those real or silk flowers for the pomanders, use an alternative: cupcake liners! They make pomanders which are just as lovely as the floral types but for a fraction of the cost!

Materials needed:
Styrofoam ball – any size(s)
Cupcake liners (amount dependent on the size of ball you make)
Cord or ribbon (optional)

Your local grocer probably carries a small variety of cupcake wrappers which have designs and ones made of foil. However, online you can find a much larger variety of cupcake wrappers – and mini wrappers – to suit the wedding theme. The gold or silver foil wrappers make for elegant table décor but white, pink, blue, yellow or other cupcake wrappers more easily represent flowers or even the colors in your wedding.

pomander for wedding
The real deal!


You don’t necessarily have to use cupcake liners which are all the same color or pattern. You can combine two or more colors or designs to create completely different designs.

It’s really easy to make the pomander from the cupcake wrappers. Start with a Styrofoam ball. If you’ll be hanging the lovely ball, poke a hole in any area of the ball, fill it with hot glue, fold a ribbon or cord in half, and push the ends down into the glue.

If the wrappers have a pattern only on the outside take a stack of about 10 cupcake wrappers and turn them inside-out Turn another and another stack as you need them. Apply tacky glue to the bottoms of the cupcake wrappers then begin sticking them to the ball. Make a circle of cupcake wrappers around the cord, then a circle around that one, and continue in this manner until the ball is covered. As you stick the cupcake wrappers on the ball, place them close together so that the ball cannot be seen.

If you won’t be hanging the cupcake wrapper pomander, glue a cupcake wrapper to the ball, then encircle it with more, and encircle that one with more, as stated above.

The pomanders can be made huge and used as centerpieces or much smaller to decorate tables and other areas. They can hang from the ceiling, from curtain tie-backs and other areas at the reception. They make a beautiful way to decorate at your wedding reception for very little money.

DIY wedding lighting

Lighting is what sets the mood at a wedding. And creating diy lighting is both easy on the pocket and a great way to spend some fun time together. I compiled these ideas that I saw across the internet. They take less than an hour to do per item!
1. Dixie Cup Lights — All these dixie cup lights really are cute! They’d be ideal for a casual marriage! You could easily place them on tables instead of tealights.
3. Cupcake Liner Lights — Another super adorable idea! Cupcake liners are seen in many different colours and patterns. This could be a simple means to include touches of your own wedding colours in your lighting decoration. I could see this working very well for a colorful wedding!
4. DIY Light Columns — Leave it to Martha Stewart to come us with the best ideas… these mild columns are magnificent placed throughout your place! You will be amazed to find out how easy these are to make! They look magnificent when placed together in a cluster.
6. Tissue Paper Jar Lanterns — This is a really simple project that’s completely sweet! Use tissue paper that matches your wedding colours and these lanterns will fit in seamlessly with your occasion. Another way to infuse color into your wedding and make it look more fun if you want to break away from the old ‘all white’.

Image via

Wedding Invitation Wall Art To Save All Your Precious Memories

This is a two-for-one DIY decorating project; it creates unique (and cheap) wall art and it’s a great wall to showcase and display wedding memories. This DIY wall art idea can be adapted to use birth announcements, graduation invitations or any other written memento that you wish to preserve and showcase in home décor.
Items Needed to Frame Wedding Memories

* Wedding invitation
* 12inch by 12-inch stock picture frames
* 12-inch square pieces of picture matting (your choice of color)
* Resume paper
* Deckled-edge ruler
* Glue stick

** When the DIY project is completed, the picture frames will be suspended from the wall in a pattern. The pattern display can be a grid pattern, row pattern, symmetrical or asymmetrical, any way that pleases you. Have a pattern idea in mind so you will know how many picture frames and matting pieces to purchase.

Enlarge Wedding Invitation

This can be done on a home scanner and printer or take the wedding invitation to a copy shop for enlargement. Enlarge all or portions of the wedding invitation. Chose key portions such as wedding date, wedding location, names and ceremony time. Play around with the enlargement, using cheap copy paper until you get just it just right, then use heavier weight resume paper for making the final, enlarged copy.

A standard 4″ x 5″ wedding invitation, enlarged by 400% provides enough pieces to mount in seven frames. Adjust enlargement size according to wedding invitation size and number of frames to be used in the wall art project.

Deckled-edge and Glue

Use a deckled-edge ruler (available at craft or art supply stores) to tear out desired sections of enlarged wedding invitations. Deckled-edge rulers have an irregular edge that creates a feathery, irregular edge in the torn paper to add an interesting border. Press deckled-edge ruler on paper and tear. The irregular border of the white resume paper will create a visually interesting line against the colored mat board.

Mount and Hang Wedding Invitation Wall Art

Mount the torn pieces of wedding invitation in the centers of the picture mat board. Use a glue stick to mount the resume paper, it’s easy to use and won’t create bubbles in the paper.

Pop the mounted art into picture frames and hang the wall art which displays fond wedding memories in an eye-pleasing arrangement over a desk, bed or chair.

DIY Wedding Ideas for the Non-Crafter

Weddings are a large expense, and the wedding industry works hard to perpetuate the idea that weddings need to be large, custom-made, and expensive in order to be great. The term “DIY”, which stands for Do It Yourself, has a somewhat negative connotation in wedding-related manners; it brings up either thoughts of poorly-made items due to not being a “crafty” person, or a ton of stress related to the DIY process being time-consuming. Many people assume that they can’t incorporate DIY into their own weddings as a way of cutting costs because they don’t consider themselves to be “crafty” people. Push all of those negative thoughts right out of your head – DIY is not only an option for those who are skilled in the crafty arts. There are many different options for the bride who doesn’t consider themselves creative or crafty which don’t require training in a particular trade.


wedding stationery

Stationary is one of the easiest areas to put your own unique style in your wedding, as well as make your own materials according to your needs, thanks to the new digital technologies that are available. If you or a friend is comfortable with a computer and programs such as Photoshop, you can make your own graphics to be used thematically throughout your wedding paper materials. (Of course, you can also hire a graphic designer as well; put up ads at your local college design department to look for students wanting to build up their portfolio!) Not so computer graphic savvy? Not to worry, you can still use your computer! Paper printing websites, such as and offer easy-to-use design templates to personalize for your needs. A great way of using these websites is to create Save the Date postcards; they look professional, and you can print as many as 100 for around $30. You can also use the printing websites for other stationary needs to maintain a theme, such as creating custom postcards to serve as the invitations, matching business cards for your RSVPs, and brochures for the wedding programs!

Another digitally-designed option is to create a personalized photo guestbook. Sites like,, and offer hardcover photo books in multiple sizes for very reasonable prices. Pick your favorite photos of you and your love, and use the easy set-up program on the websites for the photo books. Alternate the layout styles of your pages, and leave some picture spaces blank on different pages to allow room for your guests to sign. It serves as a “yearbook” of your relationship for your guests to admire, and it allows them the room to sign something more interesting than their name.

Not interested in computer-designed products? You can still use your computer to make your own products, if you have a decent printer. You can create a very lovely invite with two different colors of cardstock and some glue. Use a light color to print the necessary information, and glue to a larger-sized, different-colored piece of cardstock. You can add interesting details by cutting the smaller cardstock piece with edging scissors, or punching the corners with decorative craft punches. (Both items are found in the scrapbooking sections of your local craft store!) Squares and rectangles are the easiest shapes to mass-produce. You can then make smaller versions for your RSVP cards, and variations on the cardstock colors for your place cards and the table numbers, simply printing the necessary information on a light-colored cardstock and attaching it to a darker-colored coordinating cardstock to make the piece stand out.

Is the aforementioned idea still a little intimidating? Many craft stores or mass general stores such as Target or Wal-Mart sell elegant and easy-to-use card kits that basically follow the same process outlined above, but they do all the cutting and trimming for you! All you need to do is print out the information on the appropriate pieces. Place cards are also simple to make on your own, as the same types of stores sell lovely blank place cards. They’re even easier if you use transparent labels you can print on to print the names of your guests – simply peel off the label and stick it on the blank space on the place card. Easy, fast, and cheaper than custom-made place cards!


Favors are one of the easiest ways to make your own without necessarily being creative! The simplest solution is to buy favor holders (look at crafts stores for shaped paper, plastic, and fabric boxes and bags to hold the favors) and edibles such as personalized M Ms;, pastel mints, or some other sort of cute candy that ties in with your wedding or themes. (Please don’t buy the Jordan Almonds… no one likes them.) Add a little personal touch with personalized ribbon to decorate your favors. Voila, done! They are simple, elegant, and a very easy crowd pleaser!

Not a fan of the edible favor? Another nice idea is a small candle and candle holder. Many garden and craft websites offer good deals on candles and candle holders in bulk. Having a garden-themed wedding? Buy flower seeds, and print out the instructions on cardstock to attach to the seed packet. (Feeling spurred to make them more personalized? This site offers an easy template for cutting out and making your own seed packets out of your own paper.) A very popular and easily personalized craft that makes a great favor is marble magnets. A great how-to can be found at Not Martha’s website. The process of marble-magnet making can be time-consuming; a tip to speed it up is to buy a circular hole punch in the ½” or ¾” size, depending on your needs (the hole punches are found in the scrapbooking section of craft stores). Not Martha also has an easy tutorial on lovely beaded wine charms – if you’re feeling ambitious or spurred by creativity, you can also make wine charms with shrinky dinks! They even make shrinky dink paper that can be printed on via a computer printer. If you’re worried about the amount of time it takes to make individual favors, make it more enjoyable and easier by asking your bridal attendants and family members to gather for a favor-making party. You provide the sustenance, and they can provide the manual labor!

Non-Floral centerpieces:

Let’s face it, floral design is not the easiest thing to master even for those who consider themselves talented crafters. It’s definitely an art, and not something to be attempted by the novice crafter for such a big event. There are many non-floral options for centerpieces, though, that can be easily produced. Some of the easiest centerpieces still use vases, but fill them with alternates to flowers. The easiest way to go is to buy large single candles and surround them with marbles (either flat marbles or round ones, depending on the container). Another idea involving candles is to buy different candle heights and stack them in the center of the table to show off the various heights; this can look especially lovely on top of a mirror. Also lovely is to fill a fishbowl or vase with water, floating candle(s), and something of interest at the bottom of the container, such as marbles or a striking flower (real or fake). If you’d still like a floral element in your candle centerpiece, flower petals or individual hydrangea blossoms scattered around the centerpiece can be quite romantic. A tip: Avoid scented candles, as the scent will interfere with the smells of the food you serve.

If candles won’t work with your decor, or your venue won’t allow them, try edible centerpieces. One idea is to fill vessels of interesting shapes with colorful candies. This can be a very fun and light-hearted option, as well as solving your favors issue if you allow your guests to dig into the centerpieces at the end of the wedding. Avoid melting and sanitation issues by using candies that are individually wrapped. Look into vintage penny candy or bright pieces of hard candies in clear cellophane. An elegant edible centerpiece trend is to replace the traditional tiered wedding cake by having a decorated single-tier cake at each table for the guests to cut and serve on their own! Each cake can look a little different but use the same color scheme, or they can all be the same. (You can make the cakes multi-functional by having the table numbers written on the cake as part of the decoration!) A fun variation would be to use cupcakes in lieu of cakes; the cupcakes could also serve as a very tasty take-home favor. This is a great idea if you or a friend is a baking enthusiast.


A way to handle music yourself is also born of the technology age – the iPod DJ! Naturally, it doesn’t have to be an iPod, any portable MP3 player or a laptop computer with iTunes (or a similar program which allows the creation of playlists) will work fine. There are two ways to play the mp3 player for output: either via a mp3-player-specific speaker dock or by hooking it up to a traditional sound system. Keep in mind that doing the music yourself does require a lot of pre-planning, organizing, careful thought (as you will want to play music that appeals to you as well as your guests!), and someone to administer the music and transitions the day of the wedding. If music is really important, and you are afraid of a DJ playing the chicken dance when you requested them to not play it, then this might be an option for you. It’s not the easiest route, but it is doable. Here is an article by a wedding DJ by trade who provides tips as well as dangers of the iPod wedding.

Outsource the DIY:

You might not consider yourself to be a crafty person, but maybe you are blessed with close friends or family members who are talented artists. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask them if they’d be willing to offer their services; many people will be flattered that you admire their talent, and will be honored to contribute to your special day. Be respectful of their skills: Don’t expect one crafty friend to do several different projects unless they offer to do so, and either offer to pay them (especially if they make their living off their talents), pay for the supplies, or ask if they will consider it as their wedding gift to you and your groom. While creating special wedding crafts can be very enjoyable, it can also be overwhelming considering the nature of the event for which the crafts are being made – it’s a very important day. Don’t be too offended if your crafty friends are afraid to take on a large creative task for you, as they probably are afraid of disappointing you if it doesn’t turn out just right. Still, it certainly never hurts to ask!

Hopefully the ideas mentioned in this article will inspire you to try to take on a few aspects of the wedding. DIY is not simply the domain of the craft fanatic. It can add a fun, unique touch to your wedding, as well as save a little money in some areas. So even if you don’t consider yourself the creative, crafty type, don’t be afraid to try a little DIY to put a special spin on your wedding day!



diy wedding decor

Making Wedding Favors, Decorations & Accessories from Recycled Household Objects

Even if you have the money to spend on a lavish wedding you can still save by making many of the accessories, decorations and favors yourself. And not only that, but creating your own wedding items is fun and exciting.

Most craft stores have an aisle that features craft supplies for weddings. They generally have a nice selection but you can find other items, not specifically for wedding crafts, which can be used for many different wedding accessories.

Make your choice of candles for the table by combining a couple craft items with things you already have. Make ordinary pillar candles into shimmery, gold striped candles simply by wrapping the candle with gold metallic tape. The tape is cheap and goes a long way.

Turn a coffee cup upside-down and hot glue lace around the cup. Place a pillar candle on top and you have unique and beautiful candle creations for the table. A bowl also makes a fabulous candle holder.

Leftover Christmas ribbon in shades of white, gold or silver can be used to make bows for the table and other areas. The ribbon can also be used, along with balloons, on the getaway car.

Clip-on earrings, with the clip removed, are great for adding glitz to wedding shoes. Simply attach them to the top of the shoe, in the front of the opening. Leave the clips on and use them to attach the earrings to the centers of bows.

A flat, satin sheet will make a marvelous tablecloth. Add bling to it by trimming the edges in gold or silver fabric paint. Make your own design or use stencils to adhieve the look you want for the tablecloth.

A large fish bowl will make an impressive centerpiece for the bride and groom’s table. There are many ways to make the centerpiece: remove the stems from silk or real flowers and arrange the flowers themselves in the fish bowl, make a miniature wedding scene inside the bowl, or just fill it with miniatures and clear candle wax. Make the centerpiece as elaborate or simplistic as you want.

Make a different centerpiece by starting with a dinner plate. Stand a candle in the center of the upside-down plate and surround it with lace, netting, satin fabric, or another material. Add embellishments like strands of faux pearls or satin flower pieces.

Cut pieces from a paper towel roll and cover the rings with fake jewels, pearl beads, lace or other craft items. These make great napkin rings that are very inexpensive. You can also cut pieces from the towel roll and make place markers. Cut the ring then lay it with open side down on the table. Cut a slit on each side to hold the name card. Cover the paper towel roll piece with glitter, rhinestones or some other glamorous embellishment.

A simple barrette clip can become something elegant like a veil. Purchase the netting for the veil, gather it across the center, then glue it to the barrette. Clip the barrette on top of the head to hold the veil in place.

Take a piece of elastic, wrap a piece of white satin around it, then stitch in place. This garter is inexpensive and can be embellished with lace and tiny silk flowers.

There are lots of things you can make for your own wedding, saving you a lot of money. Before making any of your wedding purchases ask yourself if you can make something similar. Chances are you can!

Recycling wedding decor

I wrote about re-purposing junk as wedding decor in the last post. In this one I want to talk about reusing wedding decor. That’s right, using decor that’s been used before.

I know some might cringe at the idea but think about it, where does your decor end-up after your wedding? In the trash. Imagine how much more ‘green’ your wedding could be, and you would be doing good to the planet!

Our friends at The Lace Loft connect sellers and buyers of used wedding decor. Do give it a try or refer to someone looking to decorate on a budget.

Source: Martha Stewart

Holiday Wine Toppers

Image Source: Martha Stewart

The holidays are around the corner and there’s going to be wine everywhere! This little project is fun to make with family as a fun holiday project but also good enough to be at our party!

  1. Publish template and then cut out template contours.
  2. Tape templates to sensed with double-sided tape; follow and cut shapes out of felt. When trimming reindeer antlers, fold sensed in half and glue with fabric glue.
  3. Trace and cut on the antler contours, putting the dotted line on the fold.
  4. Apply glue to underside of ear contours; pinch together and maintain till set. (Hint: Use a binder clip as a “clamp” to maintain felt while glue dries.)
  5. Insert ears in to vertical slits in head; insert antlers into horizontal slits. Apply glue on the back side of head part to fasten ears and antlers.
  6. Run a line of glue along border of head contour where noticeable; attach to adjoining border to make cone. Apply glue to underside tip of cone and then fold to make nose.
  7. Run a line of glue along the border of the neck contour where indicated, and attach to reverse straight edge to make an open cone.
  8. To attach head, line up top corner tip of mind with seam on your neck. Apply paste, hold to place. Twist down head in a 90-degree angle; employ paste on top border of neck, and press together.
  9. If desired, cut a 1/2-inch strip out of knee and felt both ends with scissors to create a scarf. Tie scarf round reindeer’s neck.
  10. Apply glue to a straight edge of every tree “layer;” attach to reverse straight edge to produce cones.
  11. Stack the tiers, adhering each into another with dabs of adhesive, in sequence; grade 2 extends together with tier 1, tier 3 along with grade 2
  12. Apply glue to a straight edge of the Santa hat silhouette; attach to reverse straight edge to create a cone.
  13. Paste hat brim around bottom of cone. Twist face bit through beard so that the nose dries through; secure set up on the buttocks together with adhesive. Glue beard and head to the interior of this hat (the side opposite the seam).
  14. Twist top of zipper cone into both sides and glue in place. Cut a small circle from white felt and paste to tip of coat.