Top Ten Wedding Registry Tips

Purple GiftIf you are planning to tie the knot soon, it’s the perfect time to setup your bridal registry.

A bridal registry is a list of gifts that the couple needs/desires to start their new life together. The primary idea behind it is to ask for potentially important things that find practical importance in the life of the newlyweds.

Although, it might sound a tad crude to ask for gifts, we give you three reasons why it is better to go ahead and make one.

  • Your guests are bound to bring gifts. Setting up a wedding registry reduces anxiety and the effort of gift hunting, saving precious time and energy.
  • You will receive things that are practical and useful. You are busy setting up a new life. Hence, sieving through items that you don’t need is an additional burden!
  • Your friends, colleagues, and family will be happy to know that their gifts are important to you and will be utilized
    Here is an index of the TOP TEN wedding registry tips to help you get started!

Know Your Requirements

Steer clear of any pre-made registry that you find online. If you love cycling but register for fishing gear, it makes no sense! However, it is critical to comprehend that your needs might change drastically once you are married. Hence, you never know when you might need that fishing rod.

Our suggestion – Fabricate the list keeping future needs in mind.

Keep Track of Your Present Inventory

Make a list incorporating all the things that both of you plan on using in the future. This list can include everyday items such as glassware, dinnerware, serving utensils, etc.

Our Suggestion – Take all the time you need! Hurrying today will only land you in additional trouble later.

Timing is Key

While it is important to take things slow while listing your inventory, make it a point to finish all formalities in time for your pre-wedding bash. The guests get ample time to go through the list and make the arrangements.

Our Suggestion – She is usually always better at management, so let her do it her way!

Work Together

You should keep in mind that your ‘single’ days are over. Hence, your wedding registry should include things that you’ll both require. To understand the situation better, you might seek help from seniors or married colleagues.

Our Suggestion – Divide your requirements into two sections. For example, while he gets to choose electronics, she gets to choose the decorations.

Get Used to the Lingo

China is not necessarily a country. The word is also used to define dishes or dinnerware. Fine or formal china is of a higher quality and more expensive. The term includes porcelain and bone china. Casual china is of low quality and includes stoneware and earthenware.

Our Suggestion – When in doubt, Google it out!

Tread the Unexplored Path

Look for unconventional items to register. Do you have a passion for culture & art or would you rather travel or maybe you are intrigued by sports! Tread on the lesser traveled path while registering!

Our Suggestion – You have a sea of options at your disposal, ranging from spa treatments to honeymoon packages!

Inform Your Guests About the Wedding Registry

You need to ensure that the guests are aware of the registry, but never go over the top while making the effort. It is rude to include registry information along with the wedding invitation. Look for more subtle options like the word of mouth.
Our Suggestion – You could include the registry details on your wedding web page or list it along with the bridal shower invite since the invitation cannot be directly linked back to you!

Talk to the Sales Guy

Ensure that your guests have a hassle free experience while getting the gifts of your choice. The primary questionnaire should include, “Does the store have amenities for online purchase? Do they have a toll-free number?” How many locations do they have?”

Our Suggestion – Do not put your guests through a rough time picking up the items that you have enlisted.

Choose Multiple Spots

While one might be too less, ten will earn you the scorn of the invitees. Ensure your dignity and pick one spot for each item. For example, one for bedding, one for China, one for leisure, etc. Following this technique ensures that you do not end up registering for a single product in multiple shops.

Our Suggestion – Two to four spots are ideal!

Over Registering Is Not Bad

By registering for more products than the number of guests, you are giving the invitees additional options to choose from. This is not a sign of greed.

Our Suggestion – Enlist items that are easy to transport but not too pricey!

Why Toaster Ovens Make Perfect Wedding Gifts

Toaster OvenRegardless of how well you know the person getting married, shopping for a wedding gift is never easy. A surprising number of couples don’t bother making a registry. And even when shopping for those that do, the best gift ideas get snapped up fast.

As a general rule of thumb, the best way to find a memorable wedding gift is to think outside of the box. A perfect example of this is a novel kitchen appliance known as a toaster oven.

Still need convincing? Here are six reasons why toaster ovens make excellent wedding gifts.

Most People Don’t Have One

The first rule of wedding gift shopping is that it needs to be something that the couple in question don’t actually have. Everyone has a microwave. Everyone has a kettle. A surprising number of people, however, do not own a toaster oven. In fact, stop ten people on the street, and five of them probably won’t even know what you’re talking about. This makes it a gift that will be used, not returned.

But Everyone Could Use One

Toaster ovens are ideal for pizzas, casserole, and obviously toast. These foods obviously couldn’t be more popular. And it follows that provided the bride and groom aren’t severe vegans, they will get plenty of use out of your gift. Compare that to the seventh set of chinaware that they receive.

Small Enough to Fit Anywhere

Arguably the biggest problem with buying a kitchen appliance as a wedding gift is that most people are a little short on counter space. Toaster ovens however are available in a wide range of sizes. Therefore, even if the newly married couple have an absolutely tiny kitchen, you’ll have no problem finding an equally tiny oven.

Eco Friendly, Wallet Friendly

As we enter 2015, the popularity of energy saving appliances shows no sign of stopping and toaster ovens are about as energy saving as you can get. Because they’re less than half the size of traditional ovens, they require less than half the energy to cook food. This means that they’re not just useful, they’re eco friendly and help to keep energy bills down.

Available in a Wide Range of Price Points

Let’s face it, most of us are living on a budget these days. And just because our friends are getting married doesn’t mean that we suddenly have cash to burn. Toaster ovens range in price all the way from 30 to 300 dollars. This means that regardless what your budget, you can easily find one that meets it.

Likely to be Used Daily

The single most important reason to buy a wedding gift is to show the couple that you care. When you think about it however, it would be nice if the gift you give could also remind the couple of you on a regular basis. A toaster oven is perfect for this. Unlike many wedding gifts, this kind of appliance will see daily, even twice daily use. And when they use it, who are they going to be thinking of?

Seven Things People Should Register For But Don’t

Wedding GiftLooking for items to include in your registry can be quite a cumbersome task for the soon-to-be newlyweds, as they are unlikely to possess prior experience of leading a married life.

As a result, the needs and demands of the post-marital phase are yet to leave their mark on them. Hence, most couples are often left in the dark about the items that should be included in their wedding registry.

This is the time to count on friends, family, extended family and colleagues. However, if you have no one to look up to, here is a list of 7 things that should be registered!

Kitchen Accessories

Nine out of ten couples register for kitchen appliances such as toasters, slow cookers, blenders, etc. However, when it comes to prioritizing a set of knives, chinaware or dinnerware set, just 70% include them.

Couples that do not include kitchenware, usually regret their decision after a year when their discounted kitchen knife fails to slice up a tomato.

Cleaning Products

Most couples are usually not excited about including items such as vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, water purifier, cleaning agents, iron, etc. in their wedding registry.

However, once they start living in a house with pets, they are bound to regret their former decisions. Why not regiser for an anti-allergen vacuum cleaner?


Married couples tend to spend a major part of their time at home, mostly in bed. Hence, it might as well be comfortable. No matter what your counterarguments are, sleeping peacefully on a comfortable mattress tops all other priorities.

Most couples tend to forget about those chilly nights each year where a cozy blanket comes in handy while cuddling. Hence, adding mattresses, blankets and sheets to your bridal registry is important.

Honeymoon Package

Asking your guests to pay your honeymoon expenses would have turned heads a decade ago, but 10% of all couples today opt for honeymoon registries.

There are a few websites that allow the guests to pay for the couple’s honeymoon trip, including hotel fares, transport costs, sightseeing expenses and food bills, etc. Certain tour packages offer spa treatments and other leisure activities such as snorkeling, sailing, etc.

Even though this concept is not entirely new, wedding guests are required to get over their mental barriers and accept this innovative and practical idea.


Devices such as PlayStations, Blu-Ray players, and DSLRs, etc. might not be the most popular registry items, but these are interesting ideas that can be incorporated into the list.

While 16% of couples today opt for games, books, and movies, 20% opt for sports gear and camping equipment. To be honest, people spend more time with their DVD players than with their wine glasses. Hence, try including items that will spend less time inside the storage compartment.

Wedding Extravagances

This is one of those lesser frequented paths that most people would like to tread on but fear the consequences. If you plan on testing your guests’ comfort levels by coming up with a registry, you might as well go the whole way.

Couples can declare on their web page that they welcome gift cards to their floral salon, photographer, and videographer, etc. These gift cards can play a very important role in cutting down on your wedding expenses.

Leisure Equipment

Do you like to barbecue? You could throw a barbecue party for your friends and family, using your personal grill. Hence, including barbecue equipment in your registry sounds like a plan! The same rules apply to gardening equipment and baking products.