Birthday Party Bootcamp

Next on our schedule is your Birthday Party boot-camp we are co-hosting using with some surprise guests! We are going to be showing you how you can make a fantastic birthday party for children and above all, we are going to be showing you how you can make it seem like a specialist put it all together! Just like our last one. We will have workshops each hour on various topics and thus don’t lose out on the fantastic hints our sellers will be discussing! Did everyone have a great Valentine’s day? I had a mellow afternoon and must spend the day with my parents while my husband was in the office. But I am glad the rain held out for a day and did not ruin anyone’s outside valentine’s plans! We would like an RSVP HERE however it is not required. Be prepared for some eye candy and snacks!

Part time dreamer and full time artist! The Wedding Pantry started out as a small family-run store in a tiny neighbourhood, stocking DIY wedding decor loved by brides on a budget! Today, I have designed over 80 weddings over the course of 7 years! And needless to say, I love my job!
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