Easy DIY crate paper garland

Easy DIY Crate Paper Garland

In case you’re searching for an enjoyable and inexpensive job to decorate a place for a particular event, this can be the job for you!
You may need:
-2 Rolls of Streamers
-1 Routine Pair of Scissors
-Optional: 1 set of Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors (Stay tuned for my next post inspired by her.)
To start, cut streamers into bits approximately 4-5 inches. After the strips are trimmed, set 1 strip of each color together.
When the streamers have been paired, then put one pair of streamers across the twine and fold.
Take your stapler and staple that the streamer within the twine so it will remain in place. (The streamers will continue to have the ability to move upon the twine, but it will not drop off the twine).
Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you have your preferred period of garland. To produce the garland more entertaining, alternate colours of streamers when attaching them into the twine.
Utilize the Martha Steward Fringe Scissors to fringe the bottoms of the streamers. Simply cut twice to fringe the base of every streamer. Employing the fringe scissors can conserve a good deal of time, however in the event that you would rather conserve money, routine scissors can find the job done just too!
Continue fringing the base of every pair of streamers until each bottom was fringed.
Congratulations! You finally have an enjoyable and festive garland to decorate for almost any event. You are able to use many different colours to make unique ambience and observe holidays and celebrations!


Go a step further and drape it around a shape to create interesting art! Like this number 1 figure for a first birthday party!

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