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Making Wedding Favors, Decorations & Accessories from Recycled Household Objects

Even if you have the money to spend on a lavish wedding you can still save by making many of the accessories, decorations and favors yourself. And not only that, but creating your own wedding items is fun and exciting.

Most craft stores have an aisle that features craft supplies for weddings. They generally have a nice selection but you can find other items, not specifically for wedding crafts, which can be used for many different wedding accessories.

Make your choice of candles for the table by combining a couple craft items with things you already have. Make ordinary pillar candles into shimmery, gold striped candles simply by wrapping the candle with gold metallic tape. The tape is cheap and goes a long way.

Turn a coffee cup upside-down and hot glue lace around the cup. Place a pillar candle on top and you have unique and beautiful candle creations for the table. A bowl also makes a fabulous candle holder.

Leftover Christmas ribbon in shades of white, gold or silver can be used to make bows for the table and other areas. The ribbon can also be used, along with balloons, on the getaway car.

Clip-on earrings, with the clip removed, are great for adding glitz to wedding shoes. Simply attach them to the top of the shoe, in the front of the opening. Leave the clips on and use them to attach the earrings to the centers of bows.

A flat, satin sheet will make a marvelous tablecloth. Add bling to it by trimming the edges in gold or silver fabric paint. Make your own design or use stencils to adhieve the look you want for the tablecloth.

A large fish bowl will make an impressive centerpiece for the bride and groom’s table. There are many ways to make the centerpiece: remove the stems from silk or real flowers and arrange the flowers themselves in the fish bowl, make a miniature wedding scene inside the bowl, or just fill it with miniatures and clear candle wax. Make the centerpiece as elaborate or simplistic as you want.

Make a different centerpiece by starting with a dinner plate. Stand a candle in the center of the upside-down plate and surround it with lace, netting, satin fabric, or another material. Add embellishments like strands of faux pearls or satin flower pieces.

Cut pieces from a paper towel roll and cover the rings with fake jewels, pearl beads, lace or other craft items. These make great napkin rings that are very inexpensive. You can also cut pieces from the towel roll and make place markers. Cut the ring then lay it with open side down on the table. Cut a slit on each side to hold the name card. Cover the paper towel roll piece with glitter, rhinestones or some other glamorous embellishment.

A simple barrette clip can become something elegant like a veil. Purchase the netting for the veil, gather it across the center, then glue it to the barrette. Clip the barrette on top of the head to hold the veil in place.

Take a piece of elastic, wrap a piece of white satin around it, then stitch in place. This garter is inexpensive and can be embellished with lace and tiny silk flowers.

There are lots of things you can make for your own wedding, saving you a lot of money. Before making any of your wedding purchases ask yourself if you can make something similar. Chances are you can!

Part time dreamer and full time artist! The Wedding Pantry started out as a small family-run store in a tiny neighbourhood, stocking DIY wedding decor loved by brides on a budget! Today, I have designed over 80 weddings over the course of 7 years! And needless to say, I love my job!
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