Candid Photography in Indian Weddings

If you look at most wedding albums, you will notice that some of the pictures are of the bride and groom posing in the utmost ridiculous fashion. Sometimes the photographer asks the bride to pretend to look out of the window while she is waiting for her groom’s party to arrive. After the ceremony, the photographer may ask the bridesmaids to surround the bride and pretend to kiss her. Perhaps he may tell the bride to try to pick up her groom to make for a funny picture.

These poses do seem a bit zany and sometimes the people in the bridal party feel uncomfortable being told to pose in such ways. Don’t get me wrong. I personally love a little posing for pictures. However, I know of one too many brides who don’t and would rather not waste time on gimmicks on their big day. Luckily, candid photography saves the day for these brides and grooms. Hiring a candid wedding photographer is ideal for the couples who only want to capture the true essence of the day. Wedding photographer Flgroe Studios from Mumbai share their philosophy of this style.

This Indian bride can’t hold back her laughter while saying her vows!

The philosophy is that they only want to be a ‘fly on the wall’ during the bride and groom’s special day. This means that although they are there at the wedding, the photographers try their very best to be unnoticed and to capture the natural images as they are taking place. For example, once the photographers at Flgroe Studios enter the house to begin taking pictures of the bride getting ready, he or she will not ask the bride to do anything. In fact, the photographer will just blend in with the setting and take pictures of whatever may be happening. If the bride is in the bathroom putting on her make-up and accidentally gets her mascara all over her eyelid, the click of the shutter would make a great shot.

It was not planned. It was not a moment that was forced to happen. Imagine yourself as this bride browsing through your album years later, you would laugh, cry and feel reminiscent at the same time. What a dear, memory-refreshing reminder it will be!

This day will go by much too quickly to take unwanted posed pictures. I would say this is a real evolution in the field of photography. I mean, who doesn’t love a picture like the one below, where the bride is being hugged by her dad. It would be completely out of place to ask them to pause and then pose for the shutterbugs. Not to mention it would rudely cut short the emotional moment. Beautiful picture by Flgroe Studios.

The same bride and her father caught in a candid moment.

When looking back on this type of wedding album you will be able to reminisce about the day as it truly happened. You will not have to dread looking at the posed pictures that you never wanted. When hiring a candid wedding photographer, you are hiring someone that will capture true moments that you may not even know are taking place during the hectic day. While browsing through the album you may see a picture of your aunt laughing about her broken heel that popped off during her famous dance number. You could even see a photograph of your dad’s emotion as he watched you dance with your husband or wife for the very first time as a married couple. You will not be disappointed with the work of Flgroe Studios and even better, you will enjoy the cherished photographs as they tell the true story of how your wedding day unfolded.

PS: Brides, if you life features like these, do let me know in the comments. I want to highlight the work of more artists around the world in a move to foster more friendships in the ever-growing community. If you are a vendor, do reach out to me too!