DIY wedding lighting

Lighting is what sets the mood at a wedding. And creating diy lighting is both easy on the pocket and a great way to spend some fun time together. I compiled these ideas that I saw across the internet. They take less than an hour to do per item!
1. Dixie Cup Lights — All these dixie cup lights really are cute! They’d be ideal for a casual marriage! You could easily place them on tables instead of tealights.
3. Cupcake Liner Lights — Another super adorable idea! Cupcake liners are seen in many different colours and patterns. This could be a simple means to include touches of your own wedding colours in your lighting decoration. I could see this working very well for a colorful wedding!
4. DIY Light Columns — Leave it to Martha Stewart to come us with the best ideas… these mild columns are magnificent placed throughout your place! You will be amazed to find out how easy these are to make! They look magnificent when placed together in a cluster.
6. Tissue Paper Jar Lanterns — This is a really simple project that’s completely sweet! Use tissue paper that matches your wedding colours and these lanterns will fit in seamlessly with your occasion. Another way to infuse color into your wedding and make it look more fun if you want to break away from the old ‘all white’.

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Source: Martha Stewart

Holiday Wine Toppers

Image Source: Martha Stewart

The holidays are around the corner and there’s going to be wine everywhere! This little project is fun to make with family as a fun holiday project but also good enough to be at our party!

  1. Publish template and then cut out template contours.
  2. Tape templates to sensed with double-sided tape; follow and cut shapes out of felt. When trimming reindeer antlers, fold sensed in half and glue with fabric glue.
  3. Trace and cut on the antler contours, putting the dotted line on the fold.
  4. Apply glue to underside of ear contours; pinch together and maintain till set. (Hint: Use a binder clip as a “clamp” to maintain felt while glue dries.)
  5. Insert ears in to vertical slits in head; insert antlers into horizontal slits. Apply glue on the back side of head part to fasten ears and antlers.
  6. Run a line of glue along border of head contour where noticeable; attach to adjoining border to make cone. Apply glue to underside tip of cone and then fold to make nose.
  7. Run a line of glue along the border of the neck contour where indicated, and attach to reverse straight edge to make an open cone.
  8. To attach head, line up top corner tip of mind with seam on your neck. Apply paste, hold to place. Twist down head in a 90-degree angle; employ paste on top border of neck, and press together.
  9. If desired, cut a 1/2-inch strip out of knee and felt both ends with scissors to create a scarf. Tie scarf round reindeer’s neck.
  10. Apply glue to a straight edge of every tree “layer;” attach to reverse straight edge to produce cones.
  11. Stack the tiers, adhering each into another with dabs of adhesive, in sequence; grade 2 extends together with tier 1, tier 3 along with grade 2
  12. Apply glue to a straight edge of the Santa hat silhouette; attach to reverse straight edge to create a cone.
  13. Paste hat brim around bottom of cone. Twist face bit through beard so that the nose dries through; secure set up on the buttocks together with adhesive. Glue beard and head to the interior of this hat (the side opposite the seam).
  14. Twist top of zipper cone into both sides and glue in place. Cut a small circle from white felt and paste to tip of coat.

Easy DIY crate paper garland

Easy DIY Crate Paper Garland

In case you’re searching for an enjoyable and inexpensive job to decorate a place for a particular event, this can be the job for you!
You may need:
-2 Rolls of Streamers
-1 Routine Pair of Scissors
-Optional: 1 set of Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors (Stay tuned for my next post inspired by her.)
To start, cut streamers into bits approximately 4-5 inches. After the strips are trimmed, set 1 strip of each color together.
When the streamers have been paired, then put one pair of streamers across the twine and fold.
Take your stapler and staple that the streamer within the twine so it will remain in place. (The streamers will continue to have the ability to move upon the twine, but it will not drop off the twine).
Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you have your preferred period of garland. To produce the garland more entertaining, alternate colours of streamers when attaching them into the twine.
Utilize the Martha Steward Fringe Scissors to fringe the bottoms of the streamers. Simply cut twice to fringe the base of every streamer. Employing the fringe scissors can conserve a good deal of time, however in the event that you would rather conserve money, routine scissors can find the job done just too!
Continue fringing the base of every pair of streamers until each bottom was fringed.
Congratulations! You finally have an enjoyable and festive garland to decorate for almost any event. You are able to use many different colours to make unique ambience and observe holidays and celebrations!


Go a step further and drape it around a shape to create interesting art! Like this number 1 figure for a first birthday party!