Clearance Sale!

It’s been a while since we last blogged but it’s for good reason! December and January are super busy! Together with the opening party (which turned out fabulous) and gift displays, meeting new artists and planning weddings, January went by in a flash!
Stay tuned for a post about the new items which are coming! And don’t forget our preferred customer program: Spend $100 (one time or over several purchases) to obtain a $15 store credit for your future purchases!
We are getting some new items in this week including birthday candles which say “Thirty-ish”, “Lost Count”, a variety of dessert recipe books and brand new wooden cards. In addition, we have a bunch of Valentine’s items that is prepared for pickup or can be custom ordered. What’s more, we have new wedding favours, inspired by the ones here. In order to make space for your new items, we are clearing out a ton of things – 40% off the lowest price. These are last chance items we won’t be carrying anymore to rush before it’s gone.
Thank you for playing!

Did someone say party?

Talking of Films, our neighbor K Bee Boutique is getting a significant blowout sale beginning this Friday! What they’ve is 40 percent off!! They’ve a great deal of cute stuff in there such as hot pumps and leotards!!
On Jan. 21st, we’ll be hosting our launching celebration along with approximately 7 other shops on this aspect of The DC Bowl Mix. There’ll be interesting suggestions and outfits to get any Valentine’s strategies you’ve and therefore don’t overlook. Who does not love a fantastic celebration?? Now the holiday season is finished, it is time to return to regular company! We had been piled with events all through December it had been hard for us to keep tabs on everything. I understand many of you have not seen our new shop yet so here is a perfect excuse to earn your way here!
Come have a look at the deal and watch out for our official invitation to the celebration!!