Wedding Invitation Wall Art To Save All Your Precious Memories

This is a two-for-one DIY decorating project; it creates unique (and cheap) wall art and it’s a great wall to showcase and display wedding memories. This DIY wall art idea can be adapted to use birth announcements, graduation invitations or any other written memento that you wish to preserve and showcase in home décor.
Items Needed to Frame Wedding Memories

* Wedding invitation
* 12inch by 12-inch stock picture frames
* 12-inch square pieces of picture matting (your choice of color)
* Resume paper
* Deckled-edge ruler
* Glue stick

** When the DIY project is completed, the picture frames will be suspended from the wall in a pattern. The pattern display can be a grid pattern, row pattern, symmetrical or asymmetrical, any way that pleases you. Have a pattern idea in mind so you will know how many picture frames and matting pieces to purchase.

Enlarge Wedding Invitation

This can be done on a home scanner and printer or take the wedding invitation to a copy shop for enlargement. Enlarge all or portions of the wedding invitation. Chose key portions such as wedding date, wedding location, names and ceremony time. Play around with the enlargement, using cheap copy paper until you get just it just right, then use heavier weight resume paper for making the final, enlarged copy.

A standard 4″ x 5″ wedding invitation, enlarged by 400% provides enough pieces to mount in seven frames. Adjust enlargement size according to wedding invitation size and number of frames to be used in the wall art project.

Deckled-edge and Glue

Use a deckled-edge ruler (available at craft or art supply stores) to tear out desired sections of enlarged wedding invitations. Deckled-edge rulers have an irregular edge that creates a feathery, irregular edge in the torn paper to add an interesting border. Press deckled-edge ruler on paper and tear. The irregular border of the white resume paper will create a visually interesting line against the colored mat board.

Mount and Hang Wedding Invitation Wall Art

Mount the torn pieces of wedding invitation in the centers of the picture mat board. Use a glue stick to mount the resume paper, it’s easy to use and won’t create bubbles in the paper.

Pop the mounted art into picture frames and hang the wall art which displays fond wedding memories in an eye-pleasing arrangement over a desk, bed or chair.